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Enhancing your Driveways and Walkways by Applying Paving Sealer

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You should apply a paving sealer in case you want your walkway or driveway surfaces to look new and strong. Water-based paving sealers are preferred to all other sealer types. Even though the primary properties are the same, the water-based paving sealers are safe for the user and the environment. Prior to applying the paver sealant, ensure the driveway or walkway is not wet because applying it on wet surfaces is not advised.

If the pavers are porous and old, it is advised to apply two coat of the paving sealer. Other paving sealants do well with only one coat. Here the protective coating should be applied with methods that you will come up with. Decide whether you want to use a paintbrush, roller or sprayer. The coating should be applied evenly regardless of what you decide to use to apply it. You should not buy costly devices because you can use even a garden sprayer.

Always wear protective gear like face masks, goggles and gloves. The area must be properly ventilated. Begin you can start at the corner of the driveway or walkway further make sure you are using the correct quantities of the paving sealer. To conclude, do not work on any area in a hurry so that the sealant is distributed evenly.

To apply paving sealer on the paving joints saturate them. No area should be skipped further do not over use the sealer. The first coating should be left to dry before applying the second one. Consider the weather and allow two to four hours for the two-coat sealer to dry completely before you can walk on the walkway or drive on the driveway. Paving sealant will dry fast in hot climate areas, unlike the cold areas. Avoid walking with spiked high heels but put on golf or flat shoes so that no marks are left.a

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